Amplifying Positive Change Through Digital Influence

Harnessing Digital Data

Leveraging the comprehensive datasets from, which also powers, we explore the vast landscape of digital influencers. Our focus extends beyond the spotlight, acknowledging the potential in the vast majority often overlooked.

Our Distinct Strategy

The Outcome

Our approach cultivates an online ecosystem that's well-informed and values-driven. By educating digital influencers, we're enhancing global digital literacy, fostering a community that's more knowledgeable, compassionate, and cohesive.

Spreading Good Vibes Online

You know how there are loads of people on the internet who talk about different things, like gamers on Twitch, YouTubers, or TikTok stars? We use big lists from a website called to find these people.

Our Cool Plan

Why It's Awesome

By doing this, we're helping make the internet a better place! We teach these online stars good stuff, and they share it with everyone, making people smarter, kinder, and more connected.

Why It's Important

We live in an age where influence shapes perception. The spread of misinformation can cause irreversible harm, especially to impressionable young minds. By fostering a culture of education, critical thinking, and credible information dissemination, we can safeguard our future generations and promote sustainable development.

Children, especially, absorb and mimic what they see and hear. In the face of conflict, economic crisis, or social unrest, it's vital to provide a balanced perspective that encourages empathy, understanding, and critical thinking. Our initiatives help to achieve this by shaping influencers who can reach millions with a message that is both powerful and responsible.

Engaging nations with GSR programs, corporations with CSR agendas, and universities committed to a sustainable, informed future.

Country with GSR? Company with CSR? University?

If you're a country with a Government Social Responsibility (GSR) program, a company with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethos, or a university fostering future leaders, we invite you to collaborate with us.

By investing your resources in our innovative initiatives, you will be contributing to a transformative impact on society. Let's join forces to create an environment of informed influencers, responsible digital citizenship, and sustainable development.



At, we understand the profound impact of influence in the digital age. We're fostering a global movement to harness this power, directing it towards informed and sustainable futures.

Deep Dive into Our Expertise

Learn more about our competencies, our track record, and why we are positioned to lead this movement.

The Importance of Participation

Understand why active involvement in our initiatives is crucial for the betterment of our future.

The Influence on Children

Discover how digital influence is shaping our younger generations and why it's essential to guide it positively.

Why Join Us?

Participating in our initiatives implies investing in the future. It's about understanding the influence and its effects, and learning how to use it as a tool for growth, education, and positive societal transformation.

Call to Action

Help shape the world of tomorrow. Your resources, vision, and commitment can make a significant difference. Let's collaborate to design a more conscious, informed, and sustainable future.

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About Our Founder

Meet Ivan Danishevskyi, a visionary who is no stranger to the realms of esports, technology, and entrepreneurship. With his vast experience and in-depth knowledge gained over 10-15 years in these domains, he has been the driving force behind GenPlan. As the founder of the holding, he has led the creation and development of innovative projects that have become invaluable resources for the esports community worldwide, such as Esports Charts and Streams Charts, gaining recognition from esteemed media outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Ivan's impressive portfolio also includes key positions in major esports organizations such as the National Esports Federation of Ukraine (UESF), Esports Europe (EEF), and the International Esports Federation (IESF), actively shaping the future direction of the esports industry. Additionally, his expertise is sought in the startup scene, identifying and supporting promising tech startups, and he serves as a mentor at The Founder Institute.

His commitment to fostering significant social impact is evident in his involvement in startups focusing on impact tech, social development, mental health, and community housing. His projects, which span across geographical boundaries, underscore his dedication to leveraging technology to address societal issues and foster a sense of belonging among individuals.